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Marital Therapy

There are a lot of reasons that you may be seeking couples therapy. Whether it is struggles with communication, trust issues, or infidelity, therapy can help rebuild and heal. In my work with couples facing these difficulties, I help them navigate through healing and restructuring of their interactions to help them better bond and connect.  I work from the theoretical stance of Emotion Focused Therapy, which is an attachment based approach. This approach highlights the importance of emotional needs and teaches how to best share our needs with our significant other.  I believe that one of the most difficult things we face in relationships is being able to effectively share our needs and meet the needs of our spouse. Successfully navigating through that is one of the things I help my couples achieve in therapy. 

Individual Therapy

In my work with individuals I have covered a range of struggles that include depression, anxiety, and self-esteem.  Just as I find it is important for couples to be able to share their needs, I feel that individuals benefit in becoming aware of their needs as well. During your time in individual therapy, we can work on self-exploration to better understand your emotional needs. I find that in helping my clients work towards self-awareness, they can better manage the daily stressors they face. In addition to working from the theoretical framework of Emotion-Focused Therapy, I also work from the frameworks of Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. 

Pre-marital Therapy 
Prepare Enrich is a curriculum that outlines important topics for couples to work on together. This curriculum can be used with both pre-marital and marital couples. As a facilitator of this curriculum, I help couples understand the scoring of the test results as well as navigate the workbook pages.  
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